the blooger who was spreading rumours about nameless n wahus divorse apologises

George Moseti, a self proclaimed
“Facebooker” (If there is such a
word) has issued a public apology
to Nameless and Wahu after
posting an article claiming that
Nameless was divorcing his wife.
Below is his apology;
“I would like to apologise to
Nameless and Wahu over the
divorce story that I posted on my
wall. I have heard everyone
condemning me and claiming that I
fabricated the story…well I got the
story from a blogger who I can’t
remember the first name, his
second name is Nyanchama. I also
want to state clearly that I am not
a blogger, I am a Facebooker and I
didn’t expect to catch any attention
from the media by the posting I
made since in my imagination I
thought the info is in the public
domain.I have been trying to get
the blogger since morning without
success. Again my apologies to the
Nameless family,”

He is even worse than the blogger for sharing false information.

ahhhh something new,