The Blacklist

[ATTACH=full]5195[/ATTACH] Was watching “Blacklist” Season 2 yesterday and one of the episodes is “Mombasa Cartel”, even Raymond Rennington things drug lords wa Kenya ni motto wa kuotea mbali.


Does this show improve? I started getting tired of it towards the end of season 1…so even season 2 i have only watched the first 2 episodes and was unimpressed. Should i keep on going?

pia mimi ilinichosha…dropped out 3 or 4 episodes into ssn2… Loved that Mombasa Cartel episode though

Thinks bby…

Just started watching the haves n have nots but its more of a remake of julia roberts prettty woman…intetesting bt predictable…

what do you really watch? coz I’ve followed the drift of your dissing anything anyone is watching and just wondering,tv ni yako ama ni ya mwenyewe that you can’t be patient/allowed to let the story develop/unfold?
just curious:(:(:confused::confused:

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I recently finished Daredevil which was great. Very good version of the comics…Im watching the Americans season 3, Helix Season 2, 12 Monkeys season 1, I’m waiting for the current season of Game of thrones to finish then i watch that, I have Vikings season 3 on my playlist…on the daily i’ll watch John Stewarts The Daily Show, and weekly i watch Last Week Tonight.
So there’s plenty of stuff i watch but if the story line gets tidious, predictable, dumb or slow i jump ship.

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jibambe na hii

Sasa @Supu don kwani unakunyua nini? Ni ngumu kuelewa hio maneno hapo ^^^^

it’s a very good series, am through with season 2.