I’de like to hear that explanation as well

Why dont you start with the part where you had to see a mental doctor.And share the outcome, it could answer a lot of questions.

He had gone to see a counsellor

Whats the difference…

Wacha @ol monk atupatie story wewe

Muta ngoja muchoke monkey hawezi toa siri yake.


Ati mental doctor patient:D:D

Bona sikusoma hiyo

Happens to a lot to introverts.

Sawa. Post saa hii haraka haraka kisha utoe

Monkey discovered vaseline at a very tender age


Jibu @templar kwanza

Do you mean you should have worked the back of your hands as well?


kuna mbisha? o.O

Weka mbisha haraka


That doesn’t sound permanent…hizi shida zote uko nazo niza kujiekelea.

So question. Is it that you are not at all interested in women?

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Old monk, gloves off.you were molested, kweri rongo?


Its called confirmation bias. If you are different in the society, even in an harmless way, you are less likely to be loved.

@ol monk , I want to be your friend Na sio wa dry fry since I think I’m older than you and I’m not a cougar…yet. I can be kinda like your wingwoman cheering you on…