The black man will never be successful until he has a white women



kuna mtu amemwaga:D

… I don’t do blacks .Liwe riwaro

hatusemi @uwesmake ama that one friend of ours who doesn’t do blacks…

'A white women ’ Ni nini ?

…ni if you have one woman above, its equivalent to several women. Usiseme uko na mmoja. But I doubt that’s what mbaku meant

Kitu gani hii?

Upuss wa kawaida

Ghai…one of the posters I need to bin. It gets worse and worse with this person.

But its true though, blacks have that mentality… Whenever a black man gets rich the first thing he do is get a women because he knows that hi won’t be regarded as successful until he does.

Why are they all going for rejects.

Because those are what majority of black men will get unless they have money or social status, value. Majority of normal white women prefer their own men… These kind of relationship where thr black man date the white mens reject is normal… Its the same as we see kenyan women going for old and ugly jungu rejects who cant find women home but know that kenyan women worship white skin.