The billions of stars in the universe

All of them are heavier than earth, tafakari hayo

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A star hundreds of times larger than the earth is heavier, what profound insight you provide. Nyinyi ni wale hamkusoma physics thinking that 1kg of air is lighter than 1kg of metal.

Ever heard of a neutron star, some are small as Nairobi but heavier than earth

That’s because they’re very dense. Sasa ukisema all stars majority of which are larger than earth tunafaa kufikiria aje?

Weight is negligible ni space since its a vacuum no gravitational pull. Tafakari hayo.

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What if the earth is among them?

Ushai enda huko how sure you. Can you stop throwing words without references?

The universe is infinite. Case closed

What makes a planet a star? Weight my fren, if Jupiter collects more materials and it gets heavier, it will collapse on itself and bocome a star.

But we tend to relate it with other planet and stars. The case continues.

Vijana wa CBC wameingia hii kijiji

:D:D they need to ask for a refund

Wrong. Neutron stars are as heavy as 1.5 suns yet they are 25KM in diameter.

Mathematically this is unfathomable (hope i got spelling right). An infinite universe means that each and everything that can happen is already happening somewhere. There are infinity earths with infinity instances of you. In an earth somewhere you may be a president.

It’s finite at any one instant, but it creates new space and time as it expands. So it can expand infinitely.

A neutron star is what remains after a star “eats itself up” supanova, the most violent occurrence in the universe. Its so dense that if a cube of 1cm of it is dropped on the earth’s surface it would go right through itokee ile pande ingine.

Picture that


Explain to me how this is different from what he has said