The biggest sexual myths

Growing up as a young man we were constantly told that you should be able to please your woman all night long and women don’t like ‘one minute men’ there’s even a song about it.
But kwa ground, vitu ni different, shot yangu ya kwanza has always taken long, naskianga inafaa kua 5-10 min or less, mine takes 20-25 min, and women complain kila saa, “aki 254_Jaeger maliza, nimechoka miguu”, “nimeshacome naanza kua dry, ebu come”
Subsequent rounds result in the same cries for me to finish quicker, or makes them look for comfortable positions for them that suck for me, i.e Missionary, the worst position for sex.

But anyway, that’s one of the myths I’ve noticed, that women don’t like one minute men.
They want a short good amount of sex, enough to make them cum, but they don’t want it all night long.

What sexual myth did you discover to be untrue?

That u should get married to get unlimited sex - BIGGEST SCAM

Lol, so true.
Seeing husbands begging for sex on TV isn’t something that was made up, it came from real life observations, be it the woman is comfortable in the marriage so anafunga duka except only for serious baby making, or she hits menopause na sex drive inadisappear.
Wanaume wengine wanaumia kwa marriages walai.

90% of perpetual lanye buyers are married negroes. Bachelors especially wenye wako na pesa/game will rarely go after hookers. U know After year 5 ( baby number 2 ) of marriage most women become very resentful, unhappy and bitter…kwanza ukikosa pesa utatii. Essentially munaeza maliza hata mwaka ka hamjatombana

Recently marriage is for children and grandchildren hizo vitu zingine za finance success na company Ni scam

Wacha kutomba makahaba

Yes, resentful is the word, they can even blame you for their decline in looks as a result of her having your children, that she wanted!
The men then go looking elsewhere as a result.
It’s funny how women reason, some of them can even get jealous if you give your kids more attention than them.
Very odd creatures.

I’ll tell you another myth, women hate one minute men. In short women themselves don’t know what they want, who are you to know what they want? Ingiza pipe, tandika ushibe usonge mbele…

I love missionary position

ALL these problems and situations occur because of BAD Life Choices …
( …nothing to do with Wealth , Body Attributes , Age or Tribe …)

Find yourself a Genuine , Compatible Soul Mate and you are 80% set …


And get it thru your thick skull …
NO Relationship in this World is 100% perfect …
There will be Good Days …and Bad Days …

This I have encountered it personally… Very surprising to say the least.

Ukweli mtupu

Who told them not to have sex? am married and i fuck whoever i feel like anytime i feel like

Two other myths.
That bachelors get unlimited sex. Bachelors spend many cold nights with their unanswered text booty calls. And spend a lot of money paying for sex through various forms.
That married men get less sex. Many women prefer married men or those in a relationship. They are more stable mentally. They don’t bug the women. It’s a chase for the woman.

That bachelor’s never have regrets about a particular mama that slipped through, plenty of people suffer from oneitis.

More than 80% of women don’t like sex for more than 15 minutes. Around same number don’t like big dyks. But iko the tail end of the curve that will challenge every belief that you have

That marriage guarantees unlimited Sex. True but false in disguise

That women will love you if you are good in bed …mwenye alileta pesa angewacha tubaki na hii batter trade unakula roadkill na gunia moja ya viazi

Men always want sex

Umeongea kama elders 500 wa old testament.