The biggest mistake Kenyans make is having the 'kiosk mentality' - Bob Collymore

[SIZE=7]The biggest mistake Kenyans make is having the ‘kiosk mentality’ - Bob Collymore[/SIZE]
David Ngash | 17:16 | 29.08.2018[SIZE=5]Don’t just copy what someone else does[/SIZE]
[li][/li]Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore (Courtesy)
[SIZE=6]Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, has urged Kenyan entrepreneurs to conduct thorough market research before setting up their own businesses.[/SIZE]
Speaking in a past interview with The Standard newspaper, Mr Collymore said they need to know their market needs so as to avoid replicating one’s business success.
[li][/li]» moreCollymore bemoaned the ‘Kiosk mentality’ that is rampant among many business owners (Courtesy)
He bemoaned the ‘Kiosk mentality’ that is rampant among many business owners in the hope of siphoning a rival’s client base and revenues.
“The biggest mistake we make is that we have what I call the ‘Kiosk Mentality’. So if I am a hawker and I am selling oranges and the neighbouring hawker is selling bananas and she sells more bananas today, guess what I am going to do tomorrow? I will sell bananas!” he said.
[SIZE=5]Shopping malls[/SIZE]
Mr Collymore also pointed out the growing number of shopping malls around the country amid saturation of the retail market.
“You see that mentality even in the construction of shopping malls. I have been here for about seven years and suddenly there is a shopping mall everywhere, but now there are empty shopping malls everywhere,” Collymore remarked.
He instead challenged young people to come up with unique solutions to help solve some of the world’s most pressing porblems.

Hapo amegonga ndipo!

hii tuliona lini? wacha wakuje wako lunch

Meff, mimi sijaona,fyata domo kaya!

Shopping malls belong to looters, kiosk mentality on point

If I was able to loot a billion, I’d build the biggest and best cancer hospital in the region and charge half what Indians charge.

That way instead of a Congolese/Ugandan/Bongolala/Kenyan flying to India they would come and give me their money.

Naeza kula na kakijiko my friend!

Kiosk mentality is the reason why most startups barely stay afloat to even breakeven, most are in financial distress for their entire life which is mostly less than 3 years, Abraham Lincoln’s wise words have fallen on deaf years.

As for me i have committed myself to conduct thorough research which is not an easy task, i have been unable to keep within the timelines but the information i have gleaned from sources in the industry are worth the delay. When i finally take the plunge sometime in November I will be ready for most of the nasty suprises that have brought down other players.

Pia mimi sijaona huu ukweli wa mambo.

Too late 3 Indian cancer hospitals are on different stages of construction here. Two in Nairobi and one is Eldoret in partnership with Mediheal.

Any chance your uncle ako na “interests” hiyo ya eldi?

I wouldn’t call it kiosk mentality, ‘but wanting a piece of the pie’
There is nothing wrong with that.
Bob Collymore atoke Kwa hio high horse.

Imagine that!

Nothing wrong with kiosk mentality. Just depends what you want out of life and what one’s needs are.
As Peter Theil says, there’s moving from 1 to 0, and 0 to 1. The former are the “kiosk mentality” cadre, which the economy needs. The latter are the people who innovate and add value. The economy needs those too.

Not every one can generate original ideas and sustain them.

I’d recommend this for reading. It’s one my favourites this year. Will have to go over it twice more. A simple search will get you the book, or buy it:D.

Saw that Hospital in Eldoret last week. Time waits for no one.

I have just been told another is due to open in Kisumu.


I like his way of thinking the best biz are usually where you solve a problem that people are having… But I think on cancer he over shot his aim but the thinking is in the right direction lakini hapo ya kuiba billions am not supporting.

Couldn’t agree more…when you are at the top you can talk sh*t to those at the bottom so that they don’t get to where you are…

Remember in KNH, Indian government is building a new wing specifically for oncology. It will be the best in the country. Its a grant and they donated a revolutionary cancer treatment machine (can’t remember the name). 4 specialist are in training in India right now to come use it including 2 nuclear scientists. However when its done in 36 months, India will still have to send 5 specialist to complete our specialist training here on the job. The machine core is radioactive so the whole process has a lot of checklists to pass before its done.

Safaricom itself has kiosk mentality. Is Masoko an original idea?