The Bible is the complete source of all knowledge that you need

It describes all the events from the origin of the universe to the end of the same. The scientific details are totally astounding. Human history is clearly defined here. Let’s make a point of reading a chapter of this great book each and every day.

for works of fiction I prefer George R. R. Martin

Who wrote the bible

most christians can not answer that question …if they would , they would never step inside a church again… im 1000% sure @ChifuMbitika and other brainwashed africans do not know where their religions and religious books came from… they are brainwashed and they dont even care to research…

[SIZE=7]negroes wake up[/SIZE]


Commissioner; tutasema mara ngapi religion is a scam.

Religion is a scam, spirituality is the thing.

Bronze age goat herders with thirst for power.

Then tell me why I inherited Adam’s sins but not Solomon’s’ riches.

People who were inspired by God

yiote ni scam kamum.

Hadi spirituality?

What did your ancestors worship?

The Sun.

True, most traditional prayers revolved around Sun. Ukiskia how people pray ( leave alone the catholic scripted prayers) they just praise the Sun.

@ChifuMbitika the bible does not augur well for the present day Gikúyu women aka mûkoma thii! Deuteronomy 23:2 . Why then would you recommend such a book to your people?

Kindly explain this to me like im five years old…ama kuna chapter zingine ni za kuchezwa chini?

I believe common sense is THE teacher.

Perfect answer

Anybody who takes biblical myths and tales as fact seems childish to me. Can anyone for sure say that the Noah’s ark tale has an iota of truth?