The Best Music Websites or Apps

I would like a list of websites or apps to place my music for exposure since I am an independent artist. What are your suggestions?

Kama independent artist, tumia Facebook ads na YouTube. Nimeona zikisaidia Henry desagu na propesaa kupata mafans. I know they are in a different industry lakini their strategy is working

Are you independent because no one wants to sign you?

birrionea sisi hutumia Spotify


No, because no one has ever heard me sing, Ni Malaika na Mungu pekee. It is good to plan for the future when I buy that acoustic guitar and give life to my poems.

So you arent an independent artist. You are just a nigga who sings to himself?

peasants sisi hutumia

You are right! Priceless music.

coz its worthless. Find something else to do with your time

You are wrong if you think that what other people do is worthless just because it does not satisfy your selfish desires. Artists are selfish, those who give it out easily have little passion in what they do. Judge not my brother that which you have not seen or heard!