The best movie/tv series...

Ever since I’ve watched the Bourne trilogy (identity, supremacy, ultimatum), all movies seem to fall short.

Likewise, of all TV series I’ve watched, none ever seems to be at the caliber of 24 (Jack Bauer).

Is is similar with anyone here? Anyone found anything better (in the thriller/action genres)?

james bond 007 ndio kila kitu

Prison Break for me is the greatest series. Hio na 24 ndio zilifungua njia for all these other series.

I don’t know why, but my best TV Series are, Texter, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad in that order. Movies siwesi sema juu they are over 50 in no particular order.

I have b=never been able to watch any other series comfortable and with dedication after 24.

However there is this new british series calles penny dreadful…sio mbaya

Boss, hii ni gani tena

Sorry, Dexter, forgive Uluhya wangu.

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the originals