The Berlin Conference 2017

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Someone compute the net worth of this companies. With some other Giants like Microsoft.

Missing are barkisham hathaway (brk.a) and werrs fergo (wfc). Microsoft is bigger than some minnows there.

Largest companies by revenues

World Bank

Bankers should also be included

the Apple guy has SOMETHING TO SAY DAMMIT or he leaves the table.

Berkshire Hathaway you look behind the shadows my friend. Behind the scenes. Hapo Apple they own 2.7%, Bank of America 6%, General Motors 3.25%, Coco-cola 10%, Walmart around 2%. I repeat behind the scenes. Let me interst you share moja ya Berkshire Hathaway is $ 276, 450 !!! If you are gifted one share , you can buy a bloti kule kitengela, ujenje, buya double cabin , start a biashara mzito kiplani, marry 1 kienyeji and support 2 slay queens very easy. Na hata ubaki na balance ya ku campaign kuwa MCA.

What the fcuk :eek::eek::eek::oops::oops::oops::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:. I thought Samsung at $500.00 was the in thing, phew ! ! ! Hio, hata Chris anakuna kichwa akiskia bei.

Na sisi tunapigania hii vumbistan tu! Nyasae samehea!

It used to be said just buy one Berkeshire Hathaway share as an inheritance for your child. Na imekuwa that price for so long. Daily fluctuations in share share price huwa at around $700. kama jana it improved from Friday at $ 847. Yaani share inapanda equivalent kwa mshahara

We need to evaluate our collective approach to commerce.