The Average Talker Is Unbelievably Idle - So Sad

It is unfortunate how idle the average talker is. He spends all day talking about Ruto Raila Ruto Uhuru. What did you say about Ruto today that hasn’t been said before? There was a time i used to spend my time typing my way at jamiiforums, nipate and Ktalk, until i realized that the people who build this country don’t have time for two a penny phpbb forums.

I pray that some of you spent more time critiquing yourself as much as you critique your government. Ruto will be president in 2022 and you will spend the next 5 years politicking about the next Giriama kingpin. I am glad that @maizeroaster seems to have found something better to do apart from just yapping about Ruto

panguza bottoms uende ukalale . serreee, men who dont talk politics talk mucene and women… pick your poison mbwa

Let him leave us to converse about national issues cause it affects us in one way or another. For us we do this during our free time when we are not held at work and business

You are missing the point. There is no “Free time”. And if something affects you, you don’t talk about it, you do something about it. But enjoy your cup of tea. Been there done that.

Wengine wetu talk about lanye’s.Others like you are wankers.enjoy your poison bila kusumbua.meffi

Una ukali aje mzae, hermano hombre

kuna watu wanafaa kuwekwa in their place . We need to talk about locusts and corona virus, …fala amerukia 2022 na mwizi ruto. tukifika 2022 ataruka aanze politics ya 2026 … mjinga sana

Yes, I noticed how Arap Mabunduki features in his post.

True so many idle wankers and imaginary ballers. Pro political analists. Wanaskia poa. Kidogo, tumesalimiana wangapi? Wanker : huyo ni Shiro wa Nibs : Wanker 3: anapenda kunyonya.
Wanker 4:Siwezi Lipa 500.


:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi: hapa si linkedin, ati unafaa kuwa serious. For all I care hapa ndio number one site kupata information kwa ground.

Hii ni kiherehere ya mtu amekuwa jobless/idle for the longest time, alafu akapata kibarua ndio inamchocha. @SaltyLight, does anyone here ask you for food/money/bundles? Ghaseer.

So should we attempt a coup?

Cultural coup? Long overdue


You don’t have free time Mr Perfect? You are a paranoid lunatic who should be hanged by the balls.

Wachana na hii nyanga’u. Alipata kibarua ya 12k per month ya kukamua ng’ombe za MCA anafikiria ATI sasa amefika. Mwambie hiyo ni profit yetu Ile siku biashara iko down.

Actually aambiwe nmekuwa nkikamua ngamia pale middle east for the longest time na sisumbui … khasia yeye

You guys are catching feelings like the idlers you are. If you had a life, you wouldnt have time to get worked up by a stranger on the net. Ati put him in his place. Uhuru just made 500 million tax free (legally). Ruto visited sudan to set up a chicken firm. Ojinga made billions from the handcheque. Na wewe hapa ati a real man talks politics. How dumb can one be and still breathe?