The Artur Brothers: What was their role exactly?
Many foreigners have jetted in and taken gullible Kenyans for a laughable ride. Ugandan Grace Aluma, a pretender billionaire, even tried selling some loaded Nairobians the International Life House, which she didn’t own. American Dick Berg came here to ‘market’ the 4th All Africa Games in 1987, only to disappear with over Sh200 million before the games started.

Debra Amelia George-Kasumbura, a student, purportedly pocketed Sh15 billion to invest here in 2002, but the ‘Queen of Sheba’ from the Nubian Dynasty later left the Grand Regency Hotel (now Laico Regency) with an unpaid bill of over Sh3 million, before a spirited deportation to Diego Martin Island in Trinidad & Tobago. No one knows where The Nubian Dynasty is.

But foreigners who take the biscuit for sheer daredevilry are Armenian brothers, Artur Magaryan and Artur Sargasyan, who landed in town in 2006 with lots of fanfare.

Their pompous display of bravado made TV news interesting. Their sense of entitlement, bling-bling, audacity to openly brandish pistols, flashy lifestyle and even flashier parties in their Runda home, where they kept vicious Dobermans, was made for the big screen.

These mamluki (mercenaries), as Raila called them even before they landed, were made Deputy Commissioners of Police, issued with Kenyan passports, work permits and VIP security passes to restricted areas of the JKIA.

The Armenians incorporated two companies as ‘Kenyan nationals.’ The bearded and more macho Magaryan even dared Police Commissioner, Major General Hussein Ali, to arrest them. Which foreigner dares the Commish?

A cache of arms, balaclava, body armour and government-issued number plates were later found in their home after the (in)famous raid on The Standard Group for which the Artur brothers played lead roles, according to a Parliamentary probe report.

A stage-managed deportation to Dubai was preceded by a gun drama at the airport where they refused to have their luggage checked as they assaulted immigration officials.

Head of CID, Joseph Kamau, and five officers (including the President’s daughter Winnie Wangui… who was a director in one of the companies registered by the Artur brothers) were forced to make peace with inflation as retired President Kibaki formed the Kiruki Commission of Inquiry into the scandal.

But expectedly, the findings of the alleged global con artists, guns for hire who reportedly dealt in hard drugs and enjoyed police assistance and political connections, were never made public.

You remember they showed up after a huge bust had taken place?
Do a thorough background check on the duo then connect the dots.

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walikujia ile cocaine ya 5 billion kshs . Raila ndio alileta shida wakachujwa aliposemma wanataka kumuuwa . that Indian birionea who brought them was a business partner of the Akashas


mbona Margaryan ameshika matiti ya Sargasyan hivo?


Uliza mama Clichy.

These are the stories that make one realise we live in a mafia state.

These idiots were brought here to safeguard drug dealer business. Crazy that the upper echelons are enabling this

Makes you wonder what else goes on behind the scenes that never gets reported.

Provided it gets accounted for nobody really follows up

These guys were the clean-up crew. They came to ‘find’ lost pharmaceutical products.

If It’s true they were enforcers for Armenian mobsters, this was after the 4.5Bn cocaina burst where they killed that GSU guy Chemworei pale kitale sio?

Do you mean the president’s daughter is a drug dealer juu alikua business associates na hawa Arturs. Yaani hapa ndio Kenya tuko, hadi first family ni drug runners. Waa we died a long time ago we only remain to be buried

This story is a bit personal juu Chemworei’s son was a campus buddy. Guy was so traumatized he was scared of anything as loud as a door banging. The dad was murdered by his own colleagues kwa compound yao mbele ya mama na watoi. He had locked the warehouse with the drugs and gone for leave with the key. A whole lorry full of GSU men came and sprayed the compound with bullets. Then they forced a neighbor who’d come to buy a cow from the slain officer to eat his spattered brain matter to silence him. Then they took the key and left.

Kenya needs smart people leading it…fullstop

In “its our time to eat” book. They mainly came to assassinate Githongo before media tip off from British intelligence exposed them. The Arturs tracked him to a flat he was living in London but he was notified. The thought of killing a Kenyan in UK soil scared the Kenyan government. The cocaine bust was related to this. Basically it was the west showing Ubako they have him by the balls.


Yes and no.

Yes and no to this. I think Githongo was before circa 2004 juu he was the ethics Ps but resigned and fled shortly after l believe juu ya Anglo leasing . But hii ya akina Arturs ilikua hapo 06 sio. Could be dead wrong maybe the incidents are related.

That said, l believe Obako was no angel either. Those ranches in Rumuruti and Nyeri don’t come cheap

The Arturs were Russian mercenaries brought to deal with the cocaine and dissent. It was Raila who outed them, they had official documents as commissioner of police. I think they were hired to spook rather than execute assassinations. Githongo, Sir Edward clay and US ambassador(raneberger?) were on the government’s neck from the start and this led to the cocaine expose later on. Do you remember the accusations of clay and Githongo gay parties allegations? :D:D:D
Excerpt from the book.

"Through his various security contacts, John heard that the Artur brothers had been spotted in Britain. The freelance security experts’ assignment, he was told, was twofold. Their first task was to install listening devices at the Kenyan High Commission in London in order to record his closed-door testimony before the PAC. The second was to rid the Kibaki presidency, in the style of Henry II, of this turbulent whistleblower. The Thames Valley Police had heard similar reports, for after a six-month silence they suddenly got in touch. ‘It was very discreet, very gentle. They just said: “We’ve heard about the Russians. You might want to move.”’John swapped his exposed lodgings on the Woodstock Road for a room in the womb of the college campus, and was issued with a set of alarms.
The devices were never put to the test. Did John’s enemies lose their nerve at the prospect of carrying out an assassination on British soil, an act that would have plunged Kenya into the same kind of diplomatic and political hot water as the Soviet Union in the wake of Alexander Litvinenko’s fatal poisoning later that year? Did the Artur brothers, so clod-hoppingly indiscreet in all their operations, simply fail to deliver? John could only guess. The brothers were tracked as far as Oxford. ‘It was incredibly incompetent. These guys were spotted drinking downtown within days.’ And then they disappeared from the radar, returning to Kenya mission unaccomplished.

Hawa majamaa waliwatomba Gangbang hawa Kenyan “Celebs” like nonsense!

Mpaka mmoja wao alikamua mtoto wa Kibaki.

And the hoodrats came out to party