The apple does not fall far from the tree

“I have a budget of Ksh 1.3 M to bury the foetus of my late daughter Sharon Otieno. The 7 month old unborn baby deserves a decent burial. I have many guests. I urge the government and well wishers to help me,” ~ Mrs. Melida Auma, mother to the late Sharon Otieno

Yes. It doesn’t.

sadness of life

Hahahaha wuuueeeh siwalisema wazazi ni peasants

Ujaluo ni gharama kweli

Foetus inazikwa na 1.3 m Sharon naye si wataitisha state funeral, inaonekana huyu mama ndio alifunza Sharon tamaa ya pesa


Mtu akifa atupwe kwa shimo na story yake ends there. 1.3M for a dead person at a time when these living are dying of hunger. Upuzi kabisa.

No it doesn’t.

Thr article doesn’t say anything about 1.3m. Where did you get that?

Stupid woman, she must have been benefiting materially from Sharon’s affair with Obado now the cash cow is gone she wants to get what she can from the publicity. She is likely to be the one who drove Sharon to her slaughter by pushing her to make unrealistic demands.

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]foetus Inazikwa kwanini? Hii kitu huachwa hospitali morgue attendant ajue venye atafanya nayo.

Heard they hide it inside another dead person’s coffin so the unsuspecting family takes their loved one with the foetus inside his/her clothes.

No, it’s placed besides the mother in cases where they both died. The cases of miscarriages labda is what you are referring to.

Foetuses together with placentas are incinerated or thrown into a disposal pit not buried.
This is nonsense.


Sadness of wife.


:D:D:D:D the pro-life stance is hilarious, yeah?

hakuna. seriously. just cannot reconcile burying and life…

In my country stillbirths are called “angel babies” and are buried like babies who passed away after birth.