The alphabet people read LGBQT

I came across this video and found the discussion really insightful. I’ve used it to reply on the thread below this.
Don’t know if it’s been posted here before but, hey.
The guy in brief, says the trans are trying to confuse the world and make logic and facts irrelevant.
Someone is born male but wants to be identified as female and drags the whole world to identify him as female.

We use reproductive organ to assign gender. Watuachishie Ngoma. Khasia hao.

Word… cut the bullshit.

How do you use this logic by organ when a guy has boobs and all the female features plus a penis? What we’ve been forced to call trans but is actually shemale, who is a man but modified himself to a woman.

Some talkers here have expressed desire to travel abroad and perform sex with shemales. I guess they are more sick than the trans themselves.

A lesbian evangelist Jacinta Nzilani below. These are the people who will be going around Kenyan media telling young men and women how being g@y is not that bad. Those females behind her, only God knows what she has told them

Huyo the functioning organ ndio itaamua.

Na hujataja Mtu…

98% of kenyatalk men have confessed to me about their desire to screw trannies kwa hivyo wacheni kujifanya

this is dope! he’s real. we need more of this guy. and Bill Burr.

He broke it down, simple and clear, Dave Chappelle aliingiliwa bure for trying to get people to think.

Lucky me in the 2%

Intersex people are born different so it’s important to empathize with them. Instead of falling neatly under XX or XY, their chromosomes can be anything from XO, XXY, XYY, 46 XX DSD, 46 XY DSD etc. They could also be XY like a man, but have cells lacking sensitivity to androgens hence their sex organs appear female or both female/male.

Sexuality is separate from gender. You can imagine how difficult it can be for an intersex person to choose a way of expressing their sexuality.

Audrey Mbugua for example was born chromosomically female but with male genitals. Semenya is biologically male (XY) but phenotypically ambiguous; same as Mary Wambui.

Often times people who are intersex also identify as transgender. People who identify as transgender or transsexual are usually born with typical male or female anatomies but feel as though they are “trapped” into the wrong body.
Intersex people are often born with ambiguous genitalia and at some point in their lives feel they must choose a gender identity. The internal conflict is enormous and sometimes intersex people will change genders throughout their life until they can find an equilibrium.

It’s important to distinguish between intersex and transsexual/transgendered people because they have different struggles & needs although they both suffer the same discrimination.

You were the first to confess to me how you love transsexuals nitaweka hizo message hapa

You should have already. What’s preventing you niga.
Siogopi. You have my permission. Weka. Ara?