The Agikuyu community

Do you know despite their peasant great grandfathers fighting for liberation of this country majority of them still languish in poverty.
Apart from sections of Nyandarua county,where else do you find them owning more than 2 acres of land.Compare them to the Kales,Maasais and even their close athonis the Meru and Aembu.Ni kama walipewa tu ya kuwafunga macho and not all of them.
Someone really messed them up

When it is said the Kenyatta family owns land equivalent to one province, The majority of Kikuyu feel its an advantage to them even though the fukcers may be living in a slam, they feel a sense of ownership of that Kenyatta land.
If a referendum was to be held among the kiuks asking if the land Jomo grabbed should be repossessed without compensation,
Most kiuks would vote to NO inorder to keep “our” land.

Brainwashed scumbags.

Nawaonanga pale mukuru wakiringa vile they are landlords, sahizo they are posting from a single room hapa kayole.

Kalenjins have a similar sense of ownership of the LAND Arap Nyayo grabbed and would also vote to keep "our’ LAND

Wacheni ukabila vijanaa.

Umelipa rent ya landlord wako mkikuyu?

Nishalipa ya this month. Na ni mkiisii.

Sorry to burst your bubble nakufa na njaa juu clubs zimefungwa

Uliza mamako. Why can’t you be happy with your big acres and let the peasants enjoy their small plots. Umeskia wakikuja kukuomba kwa kulala ati wamekosa nafasi kwa ploti zao ndogo?

Weka number tukurushie kakitu @demakufu.

Nakuru county, okuyus own some serious parcels of land.

Uyu niegutuma jigee uhonokio thii nyambe dimurume ta sirii.

But hawaishi kwa amani

Kitu sielewangi na hii maneno ya shamba ni hii.
Is it to say that if the Agikuyu had larger tracts of land they would be all financially secure? Would they be the bread basket of Kenya? I doubt. What would they have done with the land save kukatakata na kuuza mburoti maguta maguta? I stand to be corrected but I think the majority of the Agikuyu do not have the patience and tenacity of growing large plantations of corn, wheat etc. Hata saa hii utaona wale wengi they focus on vegetable farming rather than pulses and legumes. Yes wanapanda mahindi mainly for their own consumption and they sell the surplus, lakini ni wachache wanapanda mahindi commercially.

Yes they were messed up, but had they dusted themselves up quickly and sought ways to empower themselves earlier on, rather than wait for “justice” to come one day, they would have been in a better position than they are in. Especially considering they majority were in close proximity to the capital and the railway line.

So much hatred spewed brothers.

So what if they are poor and proud. What is wrong with having pride in your roots. I would encourage any man who gets a sense of pride from association even when it offers him no value to continue do so. Watu hawatachimba mashimo wajifunikie juu wao ni maskini, they will proudly display their poverty as long as it makes them feel however they feel

no African "fought for’ liberation, that is just independence-day propaganda created by the colonialist and their successors as a way to fool the masses into accepting their new colonialist and the new order (neocolonialism)…

Kikuyu asses were the most badly whooped by the whites and they still lost land to new-colonialists after whites left, agree it is a sad story, but it was the fellow kikuyu’s (kenyatta and company) who fucked them

Majority of landless slam dwelling Kiuks are convinced RAILA is a bigger problem to them then those who grabbed all the land and made them landless.

On point.
And surprise surprise, the same bloc voted for the family responsible for their(and Kenya’s) land issues as if they expected change. Voting was done thrice.
I’m seriously disturbed about how people come to conclusion on who to vote for, especially here in Vumbistan. This populism/emotional/“-ism” voting isn’t and won’t be a driver to the changes we would like to see.

Na hawa ndio watapost in another thread how the leaders are screwing us up. I said it here and will say it again- the youth are not ready for leadership.

Its NOT like there is a thought process leading to a decision !!!
its much simpler then that and just needs an answer to one question
Who is your tribal king pin…wala…decision made