The 7 Judges Should save Us From Imminent Absolute Dictatorship

Our only hope as common citizens of Kenya is God the seven judges of the court of appeal who are currently drafting bbi judgment. From the things that are happening now, this regime wants to take over everything and curtail anyone who stands in its way. If they are allowed to have their way, they will rule this country with iron hands. They want to concentrate all the power to 5 executive seats so that the leadership of this country can revolve around their families for decades. The 7 judges should save us from these evil people who are so entitled to an extent of thinking that leadership is their birthright. This country will never recover if their plans are allowed to happen. The seven judges should uphold the judgment by the 5 High Court judges and restore order and the rule of law.

The 5 Executive have to be voted in before they start exercising those powers. You’re the voter.
Meanwhile Justice Muchelule and Justice Chitembwe were picked by DCI to go record statements.

With the intimidations and dirty tactics being used by the regime, it can only mean one thing: they can manipulate the outcome of an election by using violence in areas they have no support

Wacha BBI Iletwe kwa ground, we vote.


Wastage of resources. We can’t vote on illegalities!!


Remember those words, make peace with them, embrace them, let them warm your nights, let them find their way into your heart, let them caress your thoughts.

let these words be, because they are here to stay

There is a space race going on with people trying to push humanity towards being a multi planetary species and Kenya is busy regressing backwards na kurudisha enzi za Moi and a president who is comfortable selling his own country.

Tulikosea nani jameni

Null & Void is what is being challenged in the Appeal Court , and I hope it the ruling say otherwise, you’ll embrace it with all your heart.

Space race is not a priority at the moment, resource distribution is. Wacha Hao wanenda Space waende that’s their corner, and we have our corner over here.

Then we go to SCORK…

Best case scenario, the referendum is combined with the election and UHURU isn’t foolish enough to do that. The amount of hate for the BBI in the country would tilt the election in the favor of WSR should they do sum’n that foolish.

In short, there’s is no POSSIBLE way there is going to be a referendum!!

Look at the BBI approval ratings:


wacha wananchi waamue BBI si mumeshinda kiambaa muko na wananchi . waacha wananchi hustlers waamue munaogopa nini

endelea kuota. hio kitu ni null n void

They’re 2 other courts that haven’t given their verdicts, let’s wait and see

Its only Njaruos who want BBI.

Even [SIZE=7]if [/SIZE]the verdicts should favor BBI, time bars it…

And it’s a very big IF