The 5th ......

Wacheni baba aitwe baba …



Acheni aitwe Ruto

Foto sop…singo yake nakaa aje?

Ghost worker dp ruto understands in negotiations you need tge word and the sword.he has given akina madvd the word but taken the sword from them,atleast kalonzo has the sword(ukambani votes) he can threaten with,he also wants oka be given dp slot.uhuru wants mt kenya get dp slot,jubilee wants to remain in power.

The answer is give igaze Nairobi,allow uhuru do appointments here and there,make karua dp.

mzee Biden naskia siku hizi anasalimia mpaka miti na milango :D:D:D

Niaje khocha

:D:D:D ghaseer.

ngangari chief

Mzee aende Bondo apumzike jameni:D



Old tired senile fossil


Bado baba ni the 5th …