The 5th Estate. Forthall School of Government.

Na huyo Lawyer Horio, nani ako na digits zake. I wanna ask her some.

Wewe uliwahi ona yule anajiita “Wang”? I used to see her and die a little inside…
Mambo byad!

Aki si i asked this same question like 2 weeks ago, naa sija pata jibu hadi sasa. Vile niliambiwa hii village ikona ma ninja wa vitu kama hizi :(:frowning:

hiyo wang inaeaza kuwa short for wangari?

hehehe mbirrionaires bana
jibambeni na hii muziki mkingoja kuwajua

Possibly. She was all the rage!

Where did she go ?

To work for Ngunyi, brains and beauty must be colleagues if you are a Chic.

No clue. Oh that woman… Wacha tu.

From 4:57

She makes bad news sound soo good. If she told me i was dying i would actually be fine with it.

This Video just like Ngunyi himself is full of shit. I think this guy is actually a mental case. Too absurd

That has everything to do with you, and not him.

The Legendary madilu system