The 144,000, those who shall resurrect first at the sound of the trumpet...

They are all buried here, on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Mlima wa Mizeituni.

Kîrîma kîa Mîtamaiyû.


where do you get this nonsense stuff from?

The 144,000 are the Jews, 12,000 from each of the tribes of Israel, who will be murdered (beheaded) by the man antichrist during the great tribulation, after he breaks the covenant with the Jews and sets himself as god to be worshipped on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

kumbe walking dead wali iba script hapa !

For an atheist you’re too invested in necromancy

Jesus was a necromancer and he is easily the most important figure in the world so it figures even Atheists would be interested in him.

If there’s a soul that is immaterial, why do these people have to be resurrected?

Did Jesus ever mention heaven on Earth ama it heaven huko juu ya mawingu?

Jesus said that it would happen with the lifetime of people he was preaching to. He was wrong.

Luke 21:32
Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened."

There is no record of a historical Jesus.The Jesus character was created by the Flavians.

I have been driving that narrative to the resident Bethlehem talker, that Jesus was a shifty guy who had no use for the Mosaic laws. Figures he’d have a vacation of 40 days with the devil.

Makubwa haya ! ! !

The Okuyu traditional religion and that of the Old Testament are somehow similar. That when the Bible was been translated into Okuyu some verses were omitted, for they were exact replica of the Okuyu religion.


I like the old gods


The big challenge has been to sift what is figurative, and what has direct meaning. Eg of the parables Jesus gave we are not sure whether they indeed existed or they were teaching stories he came up with.

tafuta pesa

When the time comes, I will be on the side yenye iko na madem.

also when Jomo Kenyatta wrote facing Mt.kenya,the British bible society accused him of plagiarism of the Bible

Christians have no idea that they have been scammed all these days and the scamming is still going on. And it is not like there is no disclaimer. The Bible says the gate to heaven is the narrow one. Why? Because, although many have been called, only a few have been chosen! The 144,000. Tena the 144,000 are pure bred Jews. Sio Wajaluo ama wakamba! Ama bwana Njoroge with a turban on his head and calling himself eti Batholomeo Mungai Njoroge! Wacha watu wajinyime raha na kupelekea pasta pesa zao wakitarajia uzima wa milelele huko mbinguni. Nitaona kule wataenda.

lazima tukate maji na Jonah huko heaven

Yaani since from before they couldn’t find even a token black guy to choose. Kazi yetu ni kuhear the call and be led

I find it impossible to follow a religion that has no time for nyeuthis at the high table.

There is a major religious occasion in the Philipines known as the feast of the black Nazerene. Incredibly, to the best of my knowledge, nowhere in Africa is this a celebrated event. Kazi yao ni kutuskumia tu-white figures