That munya quickie in NASA did not last for a munite.

Munya U-turn in political move show how the 'POLITICAL KING" are influential and how powerless someone can be in opposition in a government supported strongholds. we expect more to come from NASA the like of Hassan Ormar and other leaders. this round jubilee might get more than 75% votes




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Hio ndio Birkin bag? Hehehehe


:D:D:D ulipata wapi hii Sister,?!! Naona introvert ako na competitor hapa ktalk!


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Munya’s shift to any party is inconsequential.

@introvert Kuja mbio. Competition nayo

I disagree. His move to NASA raised issues to the old affiliates in the party on their position in the party considering that Munya was there for only a week and was a co principal yet the Coast people have been at the core yet not yet principal. This was aptly mentioned by the Malindi lady some time back. Raila will have to elevate Joho to Principal level even with all his quarks or he will face backlash coastal region.
In my view, that guy is a hurricane, NASA welcomed him hoping for rain but he exposed the roof of their house. Repairs are in order and it might take momentum from their campaign

Very strategic move on Munya!