That Moment GEMA Is Asking Western Kenya For S.O.S....

:D:D:D:D:D:D @kyuktothecore kuja hapa uone straight from your mother and grandmothers mouth

I usually tell my friends that 60% of the kikuyu population is actually luhya anakasirika :D:D:D
Hawa wamama wanajua ukweli

They blame the president but it’s their MP who has failed them

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“Akizaa atazaa nini atazaa mtoto maatakoo umefika huku chini kwa sababu ya pombe. Mbegu sio mzuri”
Concieved in a muratina den like @Sokwe mtu

Mp kazi ni kulipawa kama kahaba kwa kulamba matako ya ruto akizunguka Kenya.
MGTOW @chap pombe itakumalisaaa

@Big fire huyo Dada yako wa “text mortemms” Blackie nipatie niwekee mapacha niwaongeze kura:D:D:D

In central kenya, there are alot of beer companies making a killing and it’s not EABL, Keroche,Ozzbeco or batteluer. They have funny names and are damn cheap


Our ancestors were not stupid,Hawa wanawake wafaa wakatwe hio kinembe nyege ziishe ,we are very busy men

Hao waMama wameChapa mimi siwezi lala na gunia kama izo mbaya mbovu

Busy drowning in liquor

Uhuru himself as the chief alcoholic… akifuatwa na Moses Kuria

I have been thinking last minute. The narrative of Kyuk men not performing does not sit well with the (in)famous saying “njoe rumu?”. Those two cannot exist together.

So it has just occurred to me…the majority of talkers (if a poll was taken now) speaking and praising SJ, Good hope, Tea Room etc are ethnically Kyuk.

Most of those places sell alcohol too. The simple conclusion one gets to is that Kyuk men are extremely active. Just not at home. This observation is aided by the fact that alcohol impairs good judgement hence “njoe rumu”. By the time their drunk selves get home they have been serviced enough and have nothing left for the woman of the house.

About population. Who is it that they drink and fornicate with? Bar maids, prostitutes, young college girls and…drumrolls please…married women. Yes…their buddies and neighbours women. Of course they sheath up to avoid diseases and most of all pregnancies hence the low birth rate. But those women are actually also getting it…outside their marriages.

Kyuk men are just raising their buddies kids.

Mimi nilishasemanga 20% ya Nyerians can trace their ancestry to western Kenya (Luhyaland). But don’t worry we are good people with good genes.

If you must drink,list down your responsibilities and always allocate an appropriate budget to accomplish them.Find out what you drink and create a budget,pesa ya ulevi ikiisha jua haina,stop behaving like a fool

Be clean and smart, don’t skip meals,eat healthy.Never drink on an empty stomach.

Remember alcohol takes away your dignity,invites fake friends,after some time it makes you stupid you start neglecting simple things…

Gatundu is cursed…women are not complaining about finances. They are complaining about dysfunctional men…transformers zimekataa kazi. That’s one.

Two, ile pombe inauzwa Gatundu kuna kitu imewekwa inaharibu wanaume…
Wale wanauwana, ni fellow alcoholics wanawamaliza…

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50% of kikuyu population is half luhya :D:D:D:D

@Sokwe mtu kuja nyumbani kimilili

:D:D wacha io upumbaff mimi ni pure blood banae