That Mau Controversy's Heavy.. Rain Does Not Come From Heaven- Someone Tell Moi!

A news feature on Citizen TV about the disputed Mau Forest went off air mid-way on Sunday night without any explanations.
The TV station, during its Sunday Live 9 pm news bulletin, abandoned the feature dubbed ‘Inside Mau Forest’ by seasoned reporter Enock Sikolia.

This is a different version of the intended broadcast the TV station has downloaded in its YouTube channel…

The feature started well with the reporter trying to bring to their viewers’ attention the genesis of the Mau issue.
But then at the 40th-second mark of narration, the screen suddenly went blank and stayed blank for more than 30 seconds with advertisement playing in the background.
When the news bulletin resumed, nothing was mentioned on what happened, leaving more questions unanswered.
It is not clear if it was a technical mishap or the feature was actually stopped midstream.


It’s clear it wasn’t a technical mishap.

Wengine tulikuwa tunaangalia miguu za Victoria we didn’t notice

When it’s a technical glitch, they often apologize and re-run the piece.

When I see Kenyans bargaining with these invaders of the forest I feel like we are bargaining with terrorists.

The peasants in Mau have to stay by all means, they are shielding the big fish, akina Moi. Once wametoka, the big fish will have to vacate.
Kenyarra is there to protect their interests.

Holding on to soil is a waste of time. Soil ni ya Mungu baba Mwuumbaji, sio yetu.

Si ungoje uone, if you live long enough. The mighty Romans and other mighty empires often come to mind. They died acquiring extremely vast kingdoms traversing ocean to ocean… na zote zilipotea na zikapewa,wengine… na wengine na wengine…

Today the Romans are but a foot note in history.