The most visible thing for me this Eid, is surprisingly how well glad Eid tidings came flowing from friends and the likes of @Electronics4u who do not identify with the Muslim faith, bearing in mind that the background of this all, current affairs as well as stretching a decade back, has been the vicious lie perpetrated by those in power and told half-bakedly, that about 2 billion of us Muslims are guilty of a crime committed by a handful, a crime of geopolitics, the East - West divide, nationalism, world politics, individual identities and such.

I thank such guys for keeping the love and keeping away from the artificial divisions. No matter what God you believe in, we come from the same one.



Shall we also send messages to devil worshipers on Lucifer’s birthday?

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Shut the fuck up nikka.

Correction, he is Mrs. Mureithi.

…and a witnessee

This holier than thou attitude is what makes christians hypocrites

I just asked a question. Doesn’t mean Muslim are DWs. Why are you condemning me?

uko na ujinga sana. pia on that Bank tellers post unaongea tu ujinga. no wonder your cows were cut up. you must be very nasty and inconsiderate in real life


You are most welcome brother.


hahaha that’s funny but…aint he just a cool God? He is also the founder of CUT and PASTE!

Why create from nothing again when he can make from another?! DANG!!

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WTF? Witinessa…you must be one bitter woman!

Calm down ya all, why do you want to lynch the Jehova Witness for speaking his/her mind?

Aviator ni SAITAN

kwanza saitan shemale

I think you got me wrong. My reply was in response to the very last sentence

…no matter what God…

I understood your statement, some worship the devil, some worship cows, others men and others don’t believe in a God… At the end of the day we all come from him and to him shall we return.