Thank You Villagers, I am Humbled........................

I am drunk, and I almost crashed another car - bad grandpa has to stop drunk-driving or he ain’t gonna be around for long. But that’s a story for another day.

Today, I want to celebrate you. I want to celebrate everybody from the ‘worst’ Raila supporter to the most rabid Uhuru sycophant. As an older man, I have to say you have shown me incredible respect and kindness. Often, when I have gone overboard you have chided me gently. On a few occasions you have told me off, which is OK.

It is a testament to your respect of me that even die-hards like @zzzzzzz , @Jirani , @Grundy , @coldpilsner , @Eng’iti etc have never insulted or spoken a bad word against me, grandpa, despite my bad language sometimes. This goes to show that you guys are good and great. You respect age. You are good Kenyans. You were brought up well (except yule Bukusu sijui shida yake ni ni nini?)

In the next few hours, I am going to achieve 20,000 likes for my posts here. 20,000. That means that many of you have, at one time or another, appreciated my contributions. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You affirm me, and in doing so you affirm yourself.

I do not take this lightly. As a career health/communications expert, I am always appreciative of feedback, and especially so when that feedback helps me retrospect and introspect.

I thank you all, villagers, and ask that you never ever give in to anything lower than free speech. About 98% of you are younger than me but I can say, without a shadow of doubt or risk of contradiction, you are great human beings.

I respect your 20,000 likes, and I promise to work to be a better grandpa, UOTP or RWNEBP! I am humbled and greatly inspired.


Wazee wa rika yako akina Jimmy Wanjigi wakijenga nyumba ata CID wanashindwa kumpata na ako ndani, wewe ni UPUS ya likes utashinda umerudia hapa. Faga

My like was first guka. Soldier on!

Kuka tombwa matako ulale , kuma mzee wewe .

otherwise ?

:D:D:D:D:D huyu muzee ako na miaka ya baba ya jimmy wanjigi but kazi nikulamba whitecup kama panya kwa bedsitter yake pale langata . bure kabisa

Niko poa sweetie. Unakam lini nikukamue pole pole?

Mama amesema kuna kitu amekosa?

saitan ushindwe

Babako anakutuma @Mzee mzima

If I had a clear shot of your scalp, I would not spare a second to decapitate you and immediately claim responsibility, old fart.

@coldpilsner should not be on that list.


Some people are generally…

@aviator, 2015.

small penis cumming powder. meffi

Cheesos… Ama wacha tu.

Tu pink handle tukae chonjo, a new sponsor is in town. Kongrats guka welcome to our sponsors club

karibu kikao cha wazee Ngabu.

Welcome to the club and stop trying too hard to be loved, it’s never that serious.

Congratulations mzee.
But I’d still add cyanide to your denture solution.

Why is my name not in the vote of thanks, do you know hoe many times you have borrowed me and I have not abused you?
Asanti ya punda ni mateke