Tha dau wahu n nameless were busted kissing outside tha city hall

Wahu and Nameless were busted
by cops for kissing outside City
Hall. In their 16 years old
relationship there must have been
something crazy that these two
popular Kenyan musicians did; and
here we have it, being busted by
City Council cops for making out at
City hall. Each one of us has his/he
crazy love story to tell and as for
Wahu and Nameless, their story is
what many of us didn’t know abou
them…For Wahu it’s the best stor
she could ever tell and not change
any single word or event…
“My husband of 9 years…and
boyfriend of 16. My mushy
monski. We’ve come a loooong
way together haven’t we?
Remember when we used to
“borrow” that Steers ketchup to
weka on our kenchick fries? Or
when we’d skive class to go play
chess in the park? When we’d
skip meals and walk, instead of
catching a mat, coz we were
saving for your first computer?
Remember when we were
“bursted” by kajo cops for
kissing outside city hall?
Hahahaha!! My life is literally
riddled with so many fun
memories we’ve made together!
You’ve added so much flavor to
my life monski, and for that I’m
ever so grateful. Thank you for
standing by me all these years.
For “riding the tide” with me,
laughing with me, and being
strong for me when I was low.
Thank you for being my rock.
For all your advice, for being
such an awesome leader of the
“Mathenge crew”, and being suc
a loving and caring husband an
father. You are an amazing man
monski, let no-one tell you
otherwise. You’ve helped me
grow in sooo many ways; you’v
cheered me on in this race calle
life. I can only hope that I’ve
added as much value to your lif
as you have to mine. I absolutel
couldn’t ask for a better life
partner. I’ve loved you for the
last 16 years of my life, and I
will love you forever. I’m
undeniably your number one
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