Texas power grid. Was it a carefully Planned Terrorist Act by the state?

[SIZE=5]How do you kill a power grid? Use an EMP device.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Why would they kill the Texas power grid? Texas was about to start a referendum to exit the union. After Trump’s election was stolen Texas was very ready to exit the American union.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]George Bush would have none of it, hence his political pact with the Democrats to steal the election.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Talk of TEXIT had been going in for years. Democrats are now determined more than ever to flip Texas blue and stop the TEXIT, by keeping the border open to illegals and flooding Texas with Californians.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Popular mechanics magazine: [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5] https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/research/a23196/texas-emp-defense/ [/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]Texas May Become a Testing Ground for Defending the Grid From EMPs[/SIZE]
Electromagnetic pulse weapons might be rare, but The Lone Star State is starting to take them seriously.
OCT 4, 2016

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack could wreak real havoc on the electrical system that powers our lives. It’s something defense experts have been worrying about for years, given the vulnerable state of America’s grid. Now, one Texas-based think tank says its home state is the perfect place to test how to defend the country’s infrastructure from such an attack.

Simply put, an EMP is a strong pulse of electromagnetic energy with the power to disable or even destroy electronics over a wide geographic area. Such an effect could come from high-altitude detonation from a nuke or from natural disturbances caused by solar storms.

Why Texas? Its historically independent nature aside, Texas is the world’s 10th largest economy by GDP and is home to 11 percent of the U.S. military population. The state is also the nation’s largest energy producer. But the key, according to the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), is Texas’ state-controlled electrical grid.

The U.S. national grid consists of three systems. One serves the east half of the country, the second serves the western half. But the Lone Star State has it own independent grid, and the [U]NCPA says[/U] this fact makes Texas well-positioned to implement EMP defenses. However, it also makes the state an attractive target.


The electric power industry has been aware of the potential threat of EMPs, but until recently, no detailed research has been conducted about how to counter its possible threats. Last year the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) an industry non-profit, began a three-year EMP research program, which was welcome news to David Grantham, author of the [U]NCPA’s report on the Texas grid and national security[/U].

How do you even harden an electric grid against such an attack? According to [U]the EPRI[/U], utilities are deploying tactics that include shielding control rooms with Faraday cages, using new grounded metallic relay houses, grounding and shielding power supply and communications cables, installing robust surge protectors/arresters, increasing use of fiber optic cables for communication, and neutral blockers for transformers.

So there are lots of tools in the toolbox for EMP mitigation, but the electric power industry doesn’t want to pay the costly price until they know more about the actual risks. The Edison Electric Institute, an industry trade association, echoes similar caution. It says that “electric utilities plan for a number of threats to the grid” and that “they identify the likelihood and consequence of each threat to understand their security priorities.” For example, it’s far more likely for electric infrastructure to be attacked through a computer rather than a ballistic weapon.

For now, EMPs rank low on the industry’s list of threats. But those priorities could shift as more countries develop EMP weapons. Right now, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory is developing its own tactical EMP weapons, called CHAMP. And when there is one weapon in the works, more usually follow.

Regardless of how remote the possibilities, Texas’ electric grid could become a model for infrastructure protection in this new and growing piece of technological warfare.

“I tend to fall on the side which views [EMP] as a remote possibility,” Grantham says, “but it remains a possibility….Having worked in counterintelligence in the Air Force for several years, I think hardening the grid is well worth the investment.”

[SIZE=6]The weapon used :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]The Air Force Wants a Microwave Missile that Fries Electronics[/SIZE]
The cruise missile would fry everything from iPads to electrical grids under its path.
MAR 30, 2016


The U.S. Air Force is paying $4.8 million to modify two cruise missiles to carry a high-powered microwave energy weapon. The missiles would send out pulses of microwave energy, shorting out electronic devices in their flight path.

The technology behind high-powered microwave weapons was inspired by nuclear weapons. In addition to the heat, blast and radiation, nuclear weapons pump out vast amounts of electromagnetic energy in a very short period of time. These “electromagnetic pulses” (EMPs) travel through the atmosphere and short out electronic devices, particularly solid state-based electronics such as computer microprocessors.

A weapon that can short out electronics—without doing the damage of a regular gun or bomb—has natural tactical appeal. The challenge has been to create a weapon that doesn’t rely on a nuclear explosion—or any explosion at all—to create the electromagnetic pulse.

According to Flightglobal, defense contractor Raytheon will convert two [U]AGM-86 cruise missiles[/U] to carry just such a warhead. The technology was validated in 2012, when an EMP missile designed by Boeing was launched from a B-52 bomber.

Unlike nuclear weapons that only generate one pulse, an EMP cruise missile can generate up to 100 pulses. The missile can also fly a preset path, setting off disabling pulses against targets on the ground.

While the weapon likely won’t work against modern, high-tech military forces with electronics that are shielded against the effects of electromagnetic pulse, it would work against less advanced militaries, [SIZE=6]civilian infrastructure such as power plants[/SIZE], and other targets.


Popular Mechanics pia imekuwa Qanon??? Hehehe.

Boss hata ile accident ya juzi tunajua ni false flag operation. Texas is too rich to leave the U.S of A.

But continue to watch what happens. Endeleeni kuiba kura muone.


Are you aware that for decades California also wanted to leave the Union. What happened?

The blue was unleashed on California proper. The place was flooded withAfrican Americans and illegals who vote blue.

Texas and California were historically wealthy mzungu conservative states that talked of being independent countries. But deepstate haitakagi upus.

Kama hujui they depend on funds from federal govt more than they bring give it. The fools know the consequences of them leaving the union wataumia zaidi. Get your facts right …cc @Mangele na @Simiyu22 . School this girl for me please

California and Texas are the richest states in the U.S

California and Texas make America, America. They provide over 60% of taxes to keep America running.

Even the BBC knows that California would like to secede :


If Democrats continue with these tricks, like I told you some time back America is about to fracture. There is no union.

This is the reality. Look at this map. Democrats win by stealing elections. And they use illegals to do it. They stuff ballots to do it.


Red and blue 2016 county by county map of the U.S.

The big reds are big farms owned by farmers. One farmer can own 100,000 acres . The blue spots represents where there is most people yaani cities. An acre in city is occupied by more than 600 people dwelling in flats … again a class 2 can tell you this …

You clearly haven’t moved on …let’s talk this in 4 months

ahhaha. Secession eh. You need to unsubscribe some of those supremacist websites. They are fucking up your brain.

It’s surprising how little you know about the goings on in the U.S of A.

Similarly I’d put it to you that maybe CNN fools you too much.

Texit, Yes California, Calexit … ni vitu zimekuwa for years now. FYI California is not a pure blue state. Ile wizi hufanyika California ni mind boggling.

Another qanon shit

Why do you even have a brain?? Ungepewa count down timer instead to tell you when to eat, sleep or shit. As is, the brain muscle was wasted on you

I have stopped taking you seriously when you implied ati things have calmed down because trump left…

You must be very naive if you can’t tell that the protests were planned chaos.

Says a bonobo who supports g.ay marriages and transgender agendas.

@slevyn why are you a homosexual ?

WOW! This is a mind blowing article, I just got the chills reading it. You are right on the money.

Sleepy Joe is working on an amnesty plan to give 37 MILLION illegals a green card with a 10 year path to citizenship. In the past, amnesty deals stopped at permanent residency status but he wants to take it a step further by adding 37 million spanking new Democrat voters.

Naeza faidika aje na hizi plans za Biden. Si unichanue