Texas considering leaving United States?; Big Tech’s censorship backfires, new platforms user surge

On Monday, Texas Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R-Texas) joined Newsmax TV host Chris Salcedo. Biedermann is leading the Secession movement in Texas, and with what has happened in recent months that has opened everyone’s eyes to the seriousness of communist infiltration in America, Biedermann wants to save Texas from the Marxists. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a speech on VOA, where he emphasized media should be telling the truth, they should not mimic what some tech giants like Twitter, Facebook and Apple are doing to censor speech and to suppress freedom of speech, for it is against the founding principles of America and universal values around the world. And the big tech companies involved in censoring conservative speech have already experienced some immediate and “counterproductive” consequences in the last few days. The prices of Big Tech stocks decreased and people are circulating alternative platforms to replace these popular social media giants.

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In the case of Texas Vs White 1869, it was held that no state could secede even if the decision was ratified by a majority of Texans.

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