Testing testing, 1 2 3 testing

All threads button iko wapi?
Ni hayo tu.
Change is like rest.
Ps: umesahau kuweka educashen section

ngombe ya mombasa hiiii

Panya ya Kimilili

I think All Threads ziko pale kwa New Posts.
Hapo kwa edukeshen sekshen naunga mkono zaidi.

What’s New hapo juu


It was a pretty unique board with a navigable interface. Now it looks like 45000 other boards, and getting around will take some time.

But I now know Ktalk through and through following the KCr fiasco. They are popping the bubbly, toasting their light purple masterpiece.(insert razzy here, I couldn’t)

I also use the all threads function to navigate the site… Irudishwe PAP


Porn section sioni mbona?? Na tuliambiwa itawekwa after upgrade???

That whats new button shows new posts on any thread you have commented on. Its fucked up. I dont want to see a new post on a thread for 2016

Aki wazee si mta kua na shida… All threads ni hako ka icon kana kaa lighting :zap:

Umewezaje kufanya reply hivo???

Charge simu msito…



Kwa mobile haifanyi

Hehehe sawa msitoo

Imeitikia sasa

That thing doest work…some of the newest threads inaleta ni za jana[ATTACH=full]161115[/ATTACH]