To say the truth, every time i heard about these hybrid cars and electric cars i always brushed them of as nonesense, the automobile industry cannot exist without oil, oil ndio kila kitu.But since i found out about this company called tesla, my opinion has changed.Let us face the facts, oil will run out sooner or later, and the only cheap and readily available source of energy is electricity, electricity runs everything nowdays, why not even our cars? The stats on the tesla model s are amazing.Truelly this is the future of the automobile industry, i’m just waiting for them to setup shop in Kenya.
https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2941/15387857336_7499b5a120_s.jpgmodel-s-photo-gallery-10 by Tesla Motors Events, on Flickr

prices cheaper or more expensive than those that use fuel…

@salome unataka nikununulie?