Tesla Model 3 Is Here!!!!!!!!!!


And advancement in battery technology Tesla run about 130Watt Hours/Kg while the closest Nissan Leaf is at 80Watt Hour/Kg, thats quite impressive!!!! Cant wait for their battery cells to be commercially available

At that price new, it’s a possibility to own one in a few years once people start selling them used but shida probably all are USDM.

The Model S was impressive in its own nature. Doing 480 km on battery is no mean feat.


doesnt make sense to buy second hand electric cars, replacing the battery system is insanely expensive, buy from the dealer, use for 5 years, discard and let someone else have that headache :D:D:D:D:D

It’s so sad that our planet is floating on a soup of electro-magnetic energy and no one seems to know how to tap it. Imagine an electric drive train like that which you did not have to charge or worry about batteries.