Tesla has seen a new revenue stream

Elon Musk may be late to the party but he has realized the potentially lucrative robot business. I claim this not because I know robotics, and their potential, but because of two observations.

First, the guy is pushing his marketing hard to capture the world’'s attention with his achievements. He is trying so hard to put his foot in this door before it closes, and thats why he is marketing his robots despite them being far from ready.

Secondly, he has seen a gap that boston dynamics can’t fill. Due to their relationship with the military they are sworn to secrecy, so he knows, despite their advancements, boston dynamics may not be in the business of making money, but are all up in govt secrecy. If it was not for that, sidhani jamaa angejaribu kushindana na hii



Whether he succeeds and make robots popular though, hiyo ni swali ngumu sana but, basing my opinion solely on him, this may be a good time to learn robotics

Hitler pushed his troops to the limit and almost took over all of Europe by using drugs to keep his solders on the move and on the offence without rest or sleep.

Now imagine if he had a robot army? Warfare in the a couple hundred years may be won by who has the most advanced AI powered robots.

The next war will be drones and AI robots and AI powered weapons. Maybe we will annihilate each other and do a real humanity reset

Tesla has never made a profit from sales

BMW siku hizi unalipa monthly subscription to activate AC

they are reinvesting heavily which most rapidly growing companies do. Just shows that they are still strong. They may still be around 10 years from now

Hawa wanapotea. They are growing old