Terrorists really take Kenyans for fools

Kwa wale ma experts wa symbols. What symbol is this on the rear window of this car and next to the number plate? The irony ! Isnt that the symbol for terrorist? And why is it that noone in the nyumba kumi kumi group, the attackers belonged to get alarmed by a member of the estate residents caption on Whatsapp ? It said, WIfe of Alshaabab Sympathiser. Yet you think knowing peoples hustles is the remedy. Are we just ignorant or too busy with our own lives to stop and notice some of these things?


It’s just artwork, maybe he really meant it but it’s just art.

I think it was very deliberate , as a kind of mockery, that in the end ,it would be clear that they hid in plain sight. Remember the serial killer who got tired of waiting for police to solve the murders he committed so he started posting clues to them?

Maybe but you won’t miss this art on some matatu on the road.

Nope ! It was very specific from this guy. Notice the headphones, didnt the Mumbai have huge headphones as they moved frm room to room shooting people? Radio active gas mask. Hope they wont go biological weapon on us . Anyway, the company that did the thing have issued a statement to distance themselves.


Georgina, you have to let some of these things slide.

For example, if you start looking at the graffiti on matatus in Nbo alone, you will develop BP. Live and let live.

You suffer some PTSD(shooting exposure trauma) even where you were not a victim yourself.Ama wewe ndio uyo cuzo ya poze? Ama wewe ni poze?
Get into some gun related training or shooting sport juu counselling hawezi saidia wewe

No btw, Im not being paranoid but it actually hit me when I saw the guy in the body suit next to car alafu on the rear window an exact replica - I was like wah! The little actuarial science I know what are the chances of that coincidence? Ofcourse there was no way of telling before the fact but maybe it will make us a little bit more observant about things. I mean even me Ive had situations where something was right there infront of me all along and its only much later it hits me, it was hiding in plain sight. For example you are conned or enter into a very bad partnership and later is when you start remembering the red flags. Like some people tell on themselves. They drop hints without knowing it but because you are on autopilot or you are just so happy to get such a great deal you have a blind spot. even if there was nothing the neighbours could have done if they got suspicious maybe theyd have prayed and somehow the guys mind would be changed super naturally because I dont see someone in right mind blowing themselves up. There is a sinister spirit behind such a diabolical drive and really I trully believe in my heart that these young people who get radicalised are just victims, victims of frustrations , victims of falling into wrong hands. I can only imagine as a mother seeing my son blowing himself and killing innocent people.This thing is nothing short of demonic.

If the symbol was deliberately put there, it has a meaning, usually it will communicate a message to those who understand.
Above that skull symbol on the top right is another item – was it there by coincidence!!!. The Skull has been used for thousands of years, it was curved in many places since Antiquity.

A Symbol will communicate a message to the same people or entities regardless of time or century when it was used, unless it is used by impersonators as a decoy.

[SIZE=3]Ephesians 6:12[/SIZE]

Those dismissing don’t understand why FBI have tatoo and graffiti analysts

That’s a logo, it belongs to my colleagues and it has nothing to do with terrorism Infact we might need a presser to clarify this but Najua the backlash will consume our name and art so it’s just better to sit back and watch wajuaji wakuje na theories.


Zoom in kwa iyo headgear uone the owners

niko sure walikuwa wanafanya hivo kujichocha na kujipea morale. at the time they took the car for pimping, the mission was at a point of no return. Hata hiyo whatsapp utapata status iliwekwa the same day of the attack

It’s very easy to access things on hindsight but to catch it while it’s happening is an enormous challenge. So those graffiti didn’t make sense before the attack but now it might make sense, only if, it’s their trademark. What if it was the personal style of that particular terrorist? How will you make sense of such individual actions if it doesn’t involve the whole group?