Terrorism bill

All counties next to the Somalia border should be governed using different laws until security is restored in Somalia…soft curfews should be imposed and misako every other day, until there is peace in Somalia…my view!

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we called it draconian and went to constitutional court. let’s deal with the consequences. activist country…

suggesting aint an issue… implying ndio shida

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Jubilee lieutenants ready to defend their own…

The civil society will never allow anything like that. They seem to care more for the criminals than the good Kenyans

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What has the government done with the resources it has?

They cheered and high fived(Raila,Wetangula,Kalonzo,Orengo), when the courts suspended 8 clauses in the security bill, why are they not cheering now, the Cord brigade?

The government said the suspended laws are trivial

The current laws allow the government to fight terrorism, corruption and insecurity if it wants to. We all know there have been killings between the Pokot, Turkana and Samburu but the government has not been able to address the situation. We cannot blame all these failings on the security bill.

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the security mechanism/system just nids a complete overhaul right from juniors to the seniors…the intel is alwys out there but seems no one gives a rat’s ass abt it

Social development will go far in eliminating most security problems.
That is something the government is not willing to do the voters must remain foolish and not helped in any way less they become conscious of their power and do away with the political class.