Terrific and wonderful countryside

It’s only a 15 minutes drive time from downtown Mombasa.
@Meria Mata wachana na Kashani. Kashani imeisha utamu. Hapa ndio upcoming Virgin frontiers. Hikers and no maneno gangsters kazi kwenu![ATTACH=full]247189[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]247220[/ATTACH]

@Riva used to bless us with scenic pics and he actually knows how to attach the pics…boss what happened?

hapa ni wapi


Acre kama 200K.
15 minutes away from Mombasa.
Governor Mvurya is jealously working for his people. Piped water everywhere and a permanently on site grader ready to repair the roads after they are washed away by the rains.

There used to be a site I frequented called Skyscappercity- https://www.skyscrapercity.com that covered urban development but ungepata a few za rural Africa. Guys there had dope cameras which took seriously clear photos.

How is the title situation?

:smiley: shiny eye detected.

I’m not a shiny eye buddy, and what’s wrong with shinies investing in land when the rest choose to sleep?

Dope stuff

thank you for these pics. very nice.

Lete wrink leader.

Niko shiny eye hapa. Leta hiyo story ya mugunda!

…I seriously need advice here for real and I know you know the stuff I need to know…kuhama Lando to the outskirts. You have been mean with hekayas by not posting them…as you are one of the most prolific Kenyan writers that I know of. Shindwe wewe ;).
Having said that a mutual friend hit my email inbox out of the blues last week after years. Nilifurahi saaaaaaana. We are meeting up for a coffee this summer and I told her I must tag you along, she was so happy. Check box…as you guess who she is…

Mieeeen she is doing so well!!! In Kenya and the UK.