Terrible accident on Thika road near Garden estate/ Mountain mall/EABL/ exit

33 seater Kasarani/ Mwiki bus heading to town broke guardrails and collided head on with several vehicles including a ma3 heading to Thika direction. several feared dead.


Its a kasarani mat that broke the barrier from kasarani and rammed onto a meru/nyanyuki bound matatu. 10 feared dead with no limbs and some without heads

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Waa. wacha i edit.

Waah!! That place imekua ngori Juzi kuna truck imeangusha container apo.


Broke which barrier? Like flew off the exit back down on the highway?

The centre rail barrier

These Kasarani (MSL, Hannover, etc) and Githurai (Superhighway, Rukagina) sacco’s should just be deregistered. They are the masters of impunity. You would think they own Thika rd vile wanaendanga, and all that happens as police watch.


Wah no wonder the monstrous jam… Totally unexpected it… Pole sana to their families

thats a route i use almost every day, a matatu sacco i use almost every day… really sad

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vid of scene immediately after

add that to the demos at Githurai. Thika rd inbound and outbound now at a standstill

Sad that this guy just watched from a distance, recorded the accident, then got back into his car perhaps to sit and wait rather than going to see if he can help!

Kuna a very bad road accident on Thika Road involving an MSL and three other vehicles. Anybody on Thika Road update us please. I am told we have several fatalities.


hii tuliona 412

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Ooh kuna mtu amelalaliwo chini ya hiyo bus

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Ikapita na Rail Barrier za katikati ya intersection ya kuingia Roasters. Sijui uyo msee alikula lini deeem.
Io place ni noma jioni gari za 45 na mat mob hukata hapo zikihepa jam na kuingilia Intersection ya gari zinaingia Roasters sema wazimu.
May God help us.

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