Tenancy agreements zingine joh....Savage


Only wankers survive in those houses. Ata slayquin huwes leta

izi ziko wapi tutandike boycott?

This is uncalled for. She should have preempted this by moving or giving the establishment the assurance that she is moving on her own accord. That lady’s neighbors especially the girls will probably be siding with her right now. All the time aware of the agreement about the house being designed for single occupancy.

So what does she do?

She goes ahead and probably engages a lawyer decrying human right abuse/discrimination. This will result in landladies and landlords who have houses designed for singles to avoid taking in women tenants in the future.

people should avoid such houses. pay some goons from kisauni to teach the landlady a lesson. iwe funzo kwake na wengine wenye nia kama hiyo.
In Mombasa all houses you must pay agent fee even when dealing with the owner directly. Cartels

Court! Pap! Get paid for discrimination and moving fees.

What is long term consequence of that move?

Golden gate estate kuna tenants wako na hio upuzi.

Hahaha but technically si the eviction date should coincide with the tenants delivery date? We have some very funny tenant agreement being drawn up.Anyone should be free to do whatever they want in their own private domiciles provided it’s legal and you paying up rent.That landlord ni ghasia.

Stupid idea. Between a landlord and a tenant with a 6 month pregnancy, who can afford to hire goons if it comes down to that?

people…the general tenants inconvenienced by those conditions. the lady’s boyfriend…

If you’re a good observer of life, you know that a landlady most likely does not live anywhere near her slumscrapers. That is why she has an agency.

Secondly, in most cases, the organizers of violent actions usually end up in more shit than their victims, because goonery is not known for being smart or discreet.

The tenant probably fell into the singomathadryfry trap. She has enough on her mind and should either upgrade to a family unit or move to a more welcoming building.

IMO this is a breach of contract by the landlady/agent. They can’t legally evict her on the ‘family clause’ until the day she delivers!

It’s a renters market right now. Kuna over-supply of rentals so she shouldn’t be stressed too much