Disclaimer: These are not my opinions, copy and pasted from facebook

  1. SALOONISTS : These are groomed prostitutes who have decided to rebrand their profession; They consider all men socially weak and play as a team. You can marry one but your stay with her will depend on your level of vulnerability .

  2. WAITER : Being that she spends most of her time serving other men rather than you, she gradually grows the bond and trust hence leading to a relatioship. Because she is not serving only one person , she’ll create a bunch of relationships with other men.

  3. AIR HOSTESS; In this profession, you are recruited on merit of your beauty. The management want the customers to admire you creating an attachment with their company; Men don’t only admire , they’ll also “enquire” and “require” to “acquire”

  4. NURSES & CLINICAL OFFICERS: These are literally sex technicians; they practically don’t fear death because they see people dying everyday and usually end up having unprotected sex with strangers. While on shift, they either sleep with fellow doctors or patients.

  5. RADIO PRESENTERS: If you have not tried one, then don’t try any! . The ladies are boldly unmarriable and it is unexcusably easy to break with one than get hooked to one. They usually love celebrity lifestyle and most of them would rather die than giving birth. They are extremely despisive, proud for nothing and argumentative.

  6. SALES LADIES : This group of ladies are quite vulnerable to infidelious acts considering the nature of their job. They basically have to be good to everyone and force a smile on them.

  7. BAR TENDERS: A sane would not consider taking a job in a bar. Most of these ladies are spoilt, drunkards and con who knows when one is either on or off. They work odd hours and dishonorably touched by other men.

  8. POLICE WOMAN : Don’t even ask them their names, except when you want to be either shot or get infected with HIV/AIDS . These ladies have network of lovers in the police force and usually frustrated with the nature of their job,making them emotionally lethal.

  9. TEACHERS: Am a teacher by profession and holistically know that male teachers usually “nyemelea” female teachers and the circuit in most cases get connected. Female teacher will then cheat her husband that she is attending a SUBJECT WORKSHOP in Kakamega while she is being screwed by “H.O.D” at Mariam hotel.

  10. POLITICIANS : These are literally "women of the people " who even sleep with their drivers to contain conjugal urge while away from home. Most of them end up being drunkards and fall to external influence ruining their marriages. Others (like the ones in ODM) Sleep with party officials to acquire nomination certificates and other political favours.

So, which profession should they marry?


Naona watu wako na machungu…

Naona mtu anataka kusambazia wengine ujinga…

Unicondom , naona hio pembe yako imemea sana.

I know of a case of this nature


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Millie Odhiambo

Either way if she is cheap atatombwa hata na watchman ukiwa tu kwa nyumba

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What of prostitutes?

Uncle i think you understand that you cant turn a hoe into a housewife…

There is some truth in it although nowadays Air Hostess wengi nimeona wamechapa except wa fly 540

Teacher and Nurse are the best


Hii ni ufala, so now we should marry street urchins!?:confused::confused:

Unaweza chizi ukiamua kuchunga bibi 24/7. Kama humuamini basi usipeleke mbuzi kwao juu itakuwa balaa tupu



Marketing umesahau wapi??? Teachers are okay…

@Unicorn might belong to one of the mentioned categories, that’s why ana catch feelings.