Tempting House Maid

Tempting House Maid …

At One Time or another in your life , …you will encounter one of these Heavenly Helpers …

Think Adventure , Stress Relief , Convenience , Advanced Therapy and Adrenaline Rush …all rolled up in one package …!!


Enjoy …!!


matako ya huyu dem wa nigeria hufanya niwoch 5 hrs ya upusss

Ka-Supu Kweli …!!



jinga weka matako


HEHEHE … Go watch the full Movie …

She is very handsome.


hilo pua ni ile wanaitanga twin turbo

Hiyo ni YDIS (Yamaha Dual Intake System).

Dem ana pua kama ngumi… Hakuna temptation hapa.

Direct ticket to hell candidate

He will not pass GO. He will not collect 200.

Spot the difference.

:smiley: Chongoa tu viumbe WA Mungu, kidogo kidogo, wifey is pregnant, Kosovo daughter is born with kipara like daddy


:DBro, si RAM air?

Zii. Hii ni old school…


Sweep of the year,kemea mekanika mrefu.

There is a Kenyan mboch who moved to a Western city with the family from Nairobi.The mboch then marries a rich guy and now the family now works for the mboch. Good thing everyone was kind to each other.

that’s like a cinderella story!