Tembea Kenya

For 1000 likes (i miss KCr) hapa ni wapi?

Kerio valley

Wueh hapa ata sitajaribu kuguess…but it looks like a new road, jubillee development manenos! I♡Ke

Maai mahiu

That’s a beautiful road indeed! Where in Kerio Valley? I went to school in one famous school in the escarpment. Still remember trekking down to the valley from school and back. It was an annual event for A level and O level students in those days just before exams.

Maai Mahiu? Where exactly?

The only section of road that looks like this is between Total and Eldoret. Mombasa road (those sides of Emali) also has some sections that have this type of climbing lane.

Umenoa sana. Kaka braza.

Kabla ufike maai mahiu centre coming from Nairobae

Not maai mahiu. Rule that out. Maai mahiu has no climbing lane. Atleast not yet.

Kidogo tu.


This is enroute from eldy towards Nairobi. You’re not in Nakuru yet but you’re out of Eldy. The name escapes me.

Tambach high school?

Near Matharu on the Eldy Nakuru route on the 104.

Iten High School?


It’s St Peters Iten.

No. We used to interact with the school though!

Nice place. I attended a couple of Mathematics Contests in that school while still in High School