Tell No One

This is not a topic for those with 2 minute attention spans, but the patient will realise how rotten the Roman Catholics church is, worldwide.

what about it…

You are the reason for the caveat in my introduction.

isn’t religion rotten all over the world? There are those that are in it to terrorize others,wengine ni pesa tu,wengine nikutomba bibi za wenyewe so usikuje hapa opinionated about one sect…all religions are shit,corrupte in one way or the other and they have no agenda in sustaining humanity but rather their selfish interest…tell me one sect and i will give you examples of their nature

Si you also make a 2 hour documentary about the generalised rot you have experienced.

This one is about the Catholic church and the bizarre sexual mores it imposes on its clergy. No other religious organizations has such pervasive and enduring abuse.

Were you raised Catholic?

its known that this roman crap religion has commited soo many crimes over the years , i’m still surprised the evil catholic church hasn’t been disbanded and priests taken to jail …

i was raised with a will to choose what i wanted to believe in.I was never a slave to some imaginary cult that believes in an imaginary guy that lives up high in the sky that demands money or suffer an eternal bbq yet he claims to love all that he sent himself to die for sins committed and rise up again after a long weekend.stop dividing,killing,labeling and fuckingeach other.Thats all i want to say

So why do you get so worked up when the factual evidence of a corrupted church is brought here?

coz you religious folks can’t keep your shit with you,you have to shove it down people throats,its either bible thumping or chest thumping who’s god can ferk up the other god and yeah a new church just opened up and matapakas are noisy as ferk,feel like buying a gatling gun and reschedule their meeting with their creator

thats not working me up actually,its all of you and your bickering