Tell me, what do you see?

Open the image below in a separate tab and stare at it for a while. Then answer the question what do you see?
If your answer is galaxies, lots and lots of galaxies, then you would be right. This is an image of the central region of the Virgo Cluster, a grouping of over 1000 galaxies bound together by gravity. Many of the larger blue or yellow points of light are galaxies, some smaller than our own Milky Way and others that dwarf our Milky way galaxy. Some of these are spirals galaxies, which have blue and yellow dust lanes. Others are large elliptical galaxies which have no distinguishing features and emit only yellow light from older stars. Feel free to add this image as a desktop wallpaper.


More the reason why I no longer try to understand the earth, heavens and all creation but appreciate the beauty, mystery and awesomeness- for lack of better word of the universe.


You see how we are awed by the vastness of the universe, thats the same way viruses are awed by the vastness of the human body. Viruses on your toe wonder whether life in the asshole would be possible.




Bhangi you are not alone.


Could we smoke the stuff in moderation?

:smiley: DEAD!

@Bangi Iwe Huru:- I am wondering if this image is part of the Virgo constellation? And I believe, except for the Andromeda, galaxies are not visible to the naked eye, right?

It lies far beyond what we see as the Virgo constellation but to see it with a powerful telescope you have to look through Virgo. Yes Andromeda is the only galaxy that is visible to the naked eye.

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Sass niulize nyinyi ma experts wa galaxies know n unknown,what’s the use of knowing all that na haisaidii lolote…
Or is a case I know more than you do. Ama mnataka kuwa astrologers when you grow up?

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Hizi story hua zambamba kama zingine tu! Kuna wanaopenda mpira, mambo ya computers, etc! Usipuuze hata kama hazimbambi kwako!

There is cannabis and then there is cannabis.

The asshole is where ‘saved’ Viruses go to when they die…

Viruses don’t have brains. Stop anthropomorphizing those little furkers.