Tell Me How Do Peasants Benefit From Uhuru Or Ruto Being In The Presidency?

Hii story ya mtu wetu is so deeply engrained in Kenyans I don’t think it will be overcomed any time soon. Mimi as a Kikuyu how does Uhuru benefit me? Nikienda supermarket na nunua unga the same price na Mkisii ama mjaluo ama Muhoho mwenyewe.

The only hope remaining is when the generation born after 200 take over., hawajui kabila zao sana

The difference is in resource allocation, and that’s what has brought economic disparities amongst regions in .ke.
Why do you think the infant mortality rate in luo Nyanza is high than Central Kenya ? Or let’s say the literacy levels in Central and the Northern frontier ?
There is a reason we’ve Devolution, and ward development fund is the jewel on the crown ?

The best question would be

In whose presidency would the peasants suffer less?

Kwanza hizi khasia za 2000 ndo majority kwa cucu media … the worst crop if you ask me

siku za Moi every kalenjin family in rift valley walipewa 2 Friesian cows in the guise that it was a loan but the loan was written off after one month. thats an example how presidency is key.

Moi alitoa hawa watu mbali.