Telkom's new offering

[ATTACH=full]267318[/ATTACH]30GB at 1K ni monthly

I use Telkom for my daily use, normally on the Mzito combo,8GB data,300 mins all net and 300 SMS plus 10GB night data for 1K or opt for 10GB data only at the same price. My net is always on 4G thankfully except at a friend’s place.
20GB upgrade is actually too good of a deal hehe.

Wueh xhamster,xnxx na PHub zinajua wewe ni kiongoss!!:D:D


Hii kumaliza itakua kazi kwanza kwa mtu anatumia Wi-Fi kwa office

1 GB for Kes. 33.33 is heaven sent for peasants like me.

Yes yes. I go for the combo cause of this. It’s mostly for the weekend.

I use 4GB on average daily …on weekend atleast 6GB…

I don’t watch conventional tv …everything to me ni internet

Orange iko sawa best deals in the net market saa hii

Unarun cyber?

I use Orange net only.

washikilie hapo

Kuna mtu kwa chochio media alikuwa anaclaim ati hupewi hiyo 30gb yote, they give you 1gb per day. Unaeza confirm hii maneno?

i used telkom since days ilikuwa orange in color

Netflix and YouTube docies

Xvideos every morning. I paid up

Ukistream 720p/1080p when idle you can spend that much or pia watoto wanawatch tv cartoons 1080p

Hata kama. That deal is a steal!

This is true.

That, I fully overstand.

Lakini telkom wameanza ile wizi ya safaricom.find out pole pole uyajua

Dont Try to watch 720/1080p Videos With 1Gb, in less than 1hour itakua History