Telkom is quietly altering their data offers and misleading people using their posters. Wakora.

In the below picture, utaona that they give you 10gb for 7 nights only not the whole month. But the poster doesn’t say that. Infact, hakuna ad yao kwa TV au net husema hivo. You have to go to their Facebook page to know that. Wameweka a barely star on it so when you see the poster in tao and buy it, ikikataa kuwork after a week and you call, watakwambia mbona hukuona hiyo star hapo. Mbona wasiweke info yote kwa poster? Mikora.

I thought so too, waisi hawa

Ile peasantry and arrogance iko kwa hii thread sinks to the high heavens. Dude, hii package it is always made clear the 10 gb is for a week ukitaka for a month upgrade to ya 1k. Kitu kama hii haibidi ucomplain kabisaa

Huyo ni agent wa shetani(safaricom)
Mimi ata ikue 2 days. Telkom all the way

Ata nashangaa bana

I use a separate sim telkom for wifi commitments in the house, unfortunately the other day my internet depleted and was surprised also the 10gb night bundle was terminated.

Initially, if i depleted my regular mzito bundle, night bundle would still be active until expiry date, not anymore. They sure are tinkering with their offers.

This is a lie. When the 7gb deplete you still get the 10gb night bundle. You should call customer call they may be of help

What do i gain by lying? It’s the second time its happening in a row.

Edit: After reach out they fixed the anomally, “inability to access internet at midnight”, seems mine was an isolated case.

We have fiber in Kenya but very sloppy ISPs. Of the 2Tbps available we only do a max of 0.8Tbps. Or I am wrong on this @Deorro?


Technically speaking, Telkom cannot harness that bandwidth and deploy it via cellular networks, only via wired or dedicated wireless networks. What they need is to revive their Fiber based Home Internet segment. Across the globe, I do not know of any cellular network that offers trully unlimited data. Those that do, limit it to mobile devices and switch off your data as soon as you tether and such plans are not available on cellular based hotspot routers.

kumbe iko chini hivi…but iko sawa kwa watu kama sisi…


Telkom imefanya naishi ku surf Internet usiku kama mchawi