Telkom are deliberately fluctuating their internet to avoid lower estimates on speed testing platforms.

Internet is really slow. A look at the network performance tab in Task Manager shows the numbers aren’t quite consistent. From 0kbps to 5 or even 7Mbps but at split seconds. 0-200-0-300-0-200-0-3Mbps-0-… This rapid fluctuation isn’t enough to load some webpages let alone stream low-bitrate audio.
Now doing speed tests to address forward shows what one is clearly not experiencing since it shows a specific higher number.
I’ve always vouched for Telkom after moving from Airtel but the painstaking decision to purchase Sufferingcon data bundles isn’t what one has to go through to complete their work.

Meffi wao …ile 1gb daily for 30 days siwez renew tena ikiExpire:D

Wah. And the way I was praising Telecom

Nani amejaribi home plan Yao alete reviews.

wamekua washenzi sana kutoka wa introduce new subscribers net yao ni kama iko doctored imepimwa

cant relate

Itabidii tutafute another service provider.

Penye niko from 7 to 12:30 net ni slow haipiti 500KB/s

CANT RELATE. Mimi ni peasant but I use safaricom postpay of 5000 per month. 54 GB and ULIMITED INTERNET capped @2mbps once depleted.


Peasants ktalk hamnanga ata ile fibre ya safcom ya thao 2.5

Tuko mashinani hatuishi in conjested filthy Nairobi

How does one subscribe?

Mtu husema ‘siwezi afford rent ya jiji’ sio kuleta maneno mob hapa

*544# then choose 4 …proceed from there …uchague monthly limit you want , kuna 1k,3k and 5k…but only 5k offers unlimited bundles

Telkom mi nilihama siku walikua wanajiita “orange” na walikua na unlimited 30 days for 1k…wakajiona wajanja wakaweka 30GB… Ghaseer meffi

experiencing the same na Faiba… between 7pm and 11pm can’t even download a YouTube video… useless Faiba

Telkom ni mabazu ya bundles

MGTOW geylord bado unarent na vile umeuza haga kama samosa moto? Na unaita watu peasants?

Sasa unataka kulia?:smiley: