Telecommunication Industry

Anyone one here working in telecom industry? I have a proposal i want to put up i need assistance.
Any of the above companies is okay.

Bring ye your suggestions and we shall help where we can…[SIZE=1] for a fee[/SIZE]

I hope you have that SHIT registered (Patent) usihe Kulilia Choo. Saf are rumoured to eeh acquire other people’s ideas.

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it is not really an invention.So i cannot patent it.Just some technology that hasnt been adopted in the telecom industry

Naweza kuconnect pale telkom. What is it about?

I’m sure an innovation can be patented

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Yes sir. They do.

oh didnt know this…what is the process?

Tech gani? I can give you a contact in Liquid Telkom

I work for one of them. Shoot

Did you get assisted?

check inbox all of you

Leta plan tuchape biz