Technology in Wairimu koheni's world and About Saudis' inability to intercept the Houthi drone

Ati it’s because the Houthi drones are so low tech and the hi-tec early warning systems the Saudis were sold by Uncle Sam are so very sophisticated to detect takataka - - - - nimecheka sana na hiyo! Sema kubandikwa bonoko!

That Wairimu koheni advised her accomplices to switch off their smartphones na wanunue mulika mwizi so the police may not get hold of them!!! Hahahaaa!!!

And that was an SMS she sent them!!!

Kuna mambo mengine ambayo huhusika kufuatilia cellphone users, and it does not necessarily have to be a smartphone ndio ukutiliwe mahali umejificha. Serikali Ana makono marefu Bwana! No wanda karibu wooote WALIOCHUKUA zile millions za juzi wanashikwa mmoja baada ya mwingine.

Technology, stupid!

Maze, na watu wawache kufanya dhambi wakifikiri Mungu hawaoni huko gizani ama mabebe-ini!

Everyphone has an IMEI number. Period!

I laugh with you on this one, na uongeze Mpesa to pay assassins.

But mostly it is your phone number. Your phone number plus those nondescript cellphone network masts huwa tunaona everywhere!

I mean, one can change from a smartphone to a mulika mwizi, and change from a mulika mwizi to several other mulika mwizi, but you will still be nabbed if the cell phone number is still the same!

Soprano this stupid woman ametuangusha sana. She had the opportunity to divorce the dude and be set up for life…Ghai…And to be really honest, this woman has a killer look. Her jaws, her eyes etcet, poor Cohen stood no chance in hell. I bet he was so shocked when that moment ‘arrived.’
A lethal combi of greed and sheer stupidity. There is a documentary I follow religiously… all true stories about what happens behind mansion walls…wacha nitafute…
This one here… Behind Mansion Walls - Wikipedia

Question: will justice get to be served?


Pls be nice:D:D:D:D:D:D I have spared her the mshamba accolade.:smiley:


Saudi Arabia pays usa $100 billion a year in cash to usa. They are selling their future. That money can transform the country to even be an industrialized country. No wonder they are pushing them to invade Iran.

To a determined and competent investigative body, no phone is secure, even those encrypted ones:

[SIZE=7][B]CEO who sold encrypted phones to criminal gangs gets nine years in prison[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Similarly, the ‘dark web’, Tor browser and all other technologies that criminals try to hide in are not impenetrable. The best way is to avoid crime.[/SIZE]

What do you say!!!
Ati defence from any kind of attack?

Drumpf must be totally conflicted after this not-so-subtle dig from the man he loves so much.


Drones are the genie that got out of the bottle. They will be more controlled than guns in the future. It is only a matter of time before we get to hear of robberies executed through the use of drones, or some major assassination.

Hahaa! Lady, wacha “chenofobia”! She be your fellow kind.

Disruptive or destructive technology?

Which is which?

Be nice ooooo (naija accent)

I know you’re wanking so hard to this, eh? :rolleyes:

If you decide to go ‘Criminal’ avoid ALL technology COMPLETELY. Osama bin Laden style.

hapo ndio maana MaDVD, Weta na Kalooser waligonjea RAO hawapigie na line ya Nigeria.