Techies saidia hapa

Hello guys, I do something during my free time that is uploading gameplays of android games , tutorials za ufala kama how to send apk in whatsapp etc and pretend to be a guru:D:D though i get likes and subscribers in youtube coz wasee mafala out there ni wengi who search for those useless things… Sasa my problem is i use wondershare filmora to make those videos and edit and the size of one video of abt 6 mins comes to about 200mb at only 1280*720 {720p}. Who knows how i can make relatively small videos coz MBZ ni shida , I being not a peasant but still dependant on my parents being a form four leaver… Sasa nataka kujua kama kuna way naeza make small videos abt 20-30mb or compress the ones i make with wondershare filmora… Please msinitroll tafadhali nataka kusaidiwa… I might be a guru one day so usione umefika juu u are older than me… Saidia hapa…

Camtasia makes relatively small videos but lacks advanced features so Kama u use alot of graphics and animations editting hapa huezi saidika na hii app…

Nasikia freno ya TATA kwa umbali, ni Kama unakuja hivi.


Hii inaeza unda animations?

I use animations kwa some parts so haiezi nisaidia

Then jaribu Adobe After Effects, it has powerful editting stuff but tafuta crack kwanza kwa piratebay then ukicrack make sure to disable network kwa hio app kwa device manager coz hata ukicrack hua inavalidate the registration ukishafungua ikiwa na net

You’re looking for a screen recorder? I was saying freemake so that after you’ve done your recordings you convert the clip into a smaller format.

I don’t need a screen recorder… XIAOMI comes with its own recorder which records at 1080p at 30/60fps so hapa sihitaji 3rd party… Nataka kitu itacompress video without changing quality

Freemake basi. I used to use it when I was editing. Make sure it has hvec plug in. That’s the good compressor that almost virtually lossless.

Once your video is ready use vlc player to convert it to mp4 or or a compressed avi format. The quality will remain the same while file size is reduced

How do i convert using VLC please?

I normally use handbrake to compress my videos without losing quality.

open VLC, Media>Convert/Save>add file>save>select destination (remember to save as.mp4)>start conversion

Tafuta faiba mifi na 1k every month. Uta upload mpaka 1080p without worry. Hakuna haja you upload video mtu ata strain kuona vizuri.

Tembea huku

And also remember you can easily overcook the broth and no one wants to sit through a poor quality instructional video in YouTube.

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