Tech Hacks

phone charger cord for your car: wrap it around a pen, blow dry it for couple of minutes and let it cool off before taking it off the pen.






In case you forgot your phone charger, your TV probably has USB port you can use

Use the good old clothes pin to keep your earphones in order.

Mac bottle oppener



You can also download youtube videos by inserting thr word “magic” between you and tube!

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Ctrl+shift+T huwa muhimu sana

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simu yangu haina ctrl

Nokia ASHA ama?

:smiley: :smiley:

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Wtf is that?

toboa shimo keypad uweke

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These are arent hacks at all. kwani the first time you try to put the usb into its port and it doesnt go in, you’ll throw it away?

vile tu utataka…

Btw, simu ya windows ikihang, can you ctrl+alt+del to restart?

Sisi ni watu wa droid. Maybe kwa droid tutakusort. Mbona simu ihang kwanu unarender a 4k image on it?

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Was just curious, not that i use windows. My kaduda runs no OS. Pure hardware. Simple and reliable.

even kadudas run an os…it maybe be very rudimentary but it is still an OS.

Tubemate. End of story.